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Bio-Compatible ThreadLift with no downtime!

A Method Of Lifting The Face For A More 3-D Yet Natural Appearance

Threadlift is used to redefine and straighten the face contours, lift the nose tip or saggy cheeks and redefine the jawline. It is a minimally invasive procedure when standard lengths of bio-degradable threads are inserted into the deeper part of the skin layer to achieve a lifting effect of the targeted area. There is hardly any downtime and most people can return to work the very same day.

The good thing about threadlift is that after the biodegradable threads have been absorbed by the body, it still leaves behind collagen layers in its trail, so the face feature becomes more defined than before the procedure. 

Unlike fillers offered in most clinics which can make facial features appear rounder or wider or have a potential risks of skin necrosis caused by excess fillers pressing on or blocking on blood vessels, threadlift is different. Using only CE or KFDA approved materials we recommend the use of thicker cog-less biodegradable threads of 70-80 mm to give an immediate yet natural effects. We have our in-house combination procedure that combines the use of collagen-enhancing threads with an injectable to give more visible, lasting yet natural-looking effects.

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