11 YEARS of safety record
200, 000 procedures
65 years Panel Doctors’ Experience
11 YEARS of safety record
200, 000 procedures
International Medical Aesthetics Group
65 years Panel Doctors’ Experience


Fight acne or blemish-prone areas by using the anti-bacteria acne clearing

Kills and removed bacteria and facilitates essential drug absorption by the skin tissues

Plasma-Powered Skin Booster Infusion is a cutting edge transdermal delivery method that can effectively boost up the amazing absorption of serum into the skin by breaking the Cell Adhesion Molecules(CAMs) that connect the skin cell. Other than inducing amazing serum absorption, it also helps in skin rejuvenation, purification, tightening, sterilization and wound healing.

Click here to see how plasma sterilises the skin and enhances TDDS to stimulate skin whitening and collagen regeneration
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