11 YEARS of safety record
200, 000 procedures
65 years Panel Doctors’ Experience
11 YEARS of safety record
200, 000 procedures
International Medical Aesthetics Group
65 years Panel Doctors’ Experience


DrShape™ Program
That Treats Stubborn Fats & Cellulite

Clinically-Proven Technique that Targets, Freezes & Eliminates Stubborn Fats

Do you face stubborn fat bulges at your tummy, thigh & arms that refuse to go away for years, even with regular exercise & proper diet? Fret not, ClearSK® understands the difficulty in shedding off those stubborn fats around the tummy, thighs and arms, without using invasive & surgical means like Liposuction. Dr. Shiau Ee Leng, the medical director of ClearSK Aesthetics who has more than 15 years of experience in skin and body aesthetics, shared, “As we age, our metabolism slows and fat accumulation quickens. Stubborn fat becomes an issue. I’ll advise early intervention.” 

How to Achieve Tummy Fat Reduction

DrShape™ by ClearSK is a program developed to target stubborn fats at your Tummy, Thigh & Arms, with twin treatment combination. This combination is created based on years of experience and clinical data since 2008 that is proven to work better by targeting different fats present in our body. Using FDA-attested devices, it provides safe and reliable fat reduction results, with no surgery, no downtime.

The twin combination first breaks down the stubborn fats with UltraBlast, followed by the second step which eliminates fat cells from the body with patented Fat Freeze technology (Coolshaper). This Fat Freeze technology, known as Cryolipolysis or Coolsculpt+, is a breakthrough, non-surgical procedure & targets exactly at the stubborn fats by delivering a precise-controlled cooling temperature to the treated area for 1 full hour. These targeted fat cells will then undergo a process of natural elimination by the body, and subsequently reducing the thickness of the fat layer. Safe and comfortable, customers can expect to resume their daily activities on the same day of treatment.

Watch How LipoFreeze Works
It’s bikini season all year round with these fat-freezing treatments!
Bikini season or not, we all want to look good but sometimes, there’s only so much diet and exercise can do. Stubborn layers of fat are always going to be present at areas such as the chin and thighs. This phenomenon may be particularly frustrating for women, who are more likely to store fat, compared to men. For the longest time, fat reduction surgeries such as Liposuction have been the only solution. However, the advancement of modern research and technology has paved the way to tonnes of safer, non-invasive procedures popularly referred to as “lunchtime lipo treatments”.
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