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Discover your beautiful V-Face with our non-invasive HIFU: Lifthera

Delivers energy into multiple layers of the skins to boost internal and external elasticity

HIFU LIFTERA is proven to be safe by the FDA (Food and Drud Administration of America). The treatment is highly effective thanks to the exclusive accurate and stable heat delivery system called the Thermal Diffusion Treatment (TDTTM). Because of this unique TDTTM design, HIFU LIFTERA treatment is significantly less painful and uncomfortable than traditional HIFU treatments. Customers can go through the treatment with ease and still get amazing result.

HIFU LIFTERA uses focused ultrasound energy to target the deep layer of the skin called SMAS (3 - 4.5 mm below the skin surface, where the facial muscles are connected to the upper layer of the skin). SMAS is where the natural collagen & elastin production of the body takes place the most actively. It is also the layer that plastic surgeons manually pulls backs during a face lift.

The ultrasound energy causes the tissue at the SMAS layer to heat up rapidly. Once the cells in the targeted area reach a certain temperature, they experience cellular damage. The damage then stimulates the cells to produce even more collagen and elastin. Since the treatment targets deeper layers, the surface of the skin is not damaged at all.

The new collagen and elastin help improve the texture of the skin, making the skin firmer, tighter and stronger as well as giving the face a natural lifting effect. The appearance of wrinkles and jowls also reduces dramatically. When the skin is no longer loose and sagging, you can definitely feel your face become slimmer and younger.

Our chief Dr Shiau show liftera at Channel 5 Body & Soul.
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