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It’s bikini season all year round with these fat-freezing treatments! Choose your treatment: Coolsculplting vs Lipofreeze

September 2, 2020



Bikini season or not, we all want to look good but sometimes, there’s only so much diet and exercise can do. Stubborn layers of fat are always going to be present at areas such as the chin and thighs. This phenomenon may be particularly frustrating for women, who are more likely to store fat, compared to men. For the longest time, fat reduction surgeries such as Liposuction have been the only solution. However, the advancement of modern research and technology has paved the way to tonnes of safer, non-invasive procedures popularly referred to as “lunchtime lipo treatments”. The terms Coolsculpting and Lipofreeze are two common buzzwords that are frequently used when discussing effective treatments to stimulate fat loss with no downtime at all. While these treatments may sound appealing, it's crucial to know what to expect, including the risks involved and determine if it's right for you. Don’t fret if these terms sound foreign to you. We’re here to help!

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What are Coolsculpting and Lipofreeze?

Both Coolsculpting and Lipofreeze are fat freezing treatments that eliminate visible and stubborn fat bulges in various parts of the body, including under the chin, thigh, abdomen, flank, upper arms and underneath the buttocks.


Coolsculpting is a globally renowned branded non-invasive, fat-freezing treatment used to remove unwanted fat bulges and contour areas targeted through a biologic process called cryolipolysis.

(Get rid of stubborn fats with these non-invasive treatments. Photo credits: https://www.coolsculpting.com/)



Lipofreeze is a general fat-freezing procedure that utilizes controlled cooling to target and kill stubborn fat cells. These fat cells are eventually eliminated through the body’s natural process of digesting and removing dead fat cells.

(Fat freezing is as literal as it sounds. Photo credits: https://absolutewellness.sg/)

These fat-freezing treatments are NOT weight-loss treatment options and are used solely to reduce excess fats for individuals with a generally healthy lifestyle. These treatments are not advisable for those suffering from cryoglobulinemia, cold agglutinin disease, or paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria.

It may be challenging to tell these treatments apart when you’re unfamiliar with the terminologies. So, how is Coolsculpting and Lipo Freeze different? ​

1. Coolsculpting is an FDA-approved procedure

Coolsculpting is the only FDA-approved fat-freezing device in the world. Coolsculpting procedure is not only cleared for the treatment of visible fat bulges but also to affect the appearance of lax tissues with submental area treatments. Also, there have been over 3 million successful Coolsculpting treatments done along with more than 100 peer-reviewed publications on treatment efficacy by subject experts. Coolsculpting is a patented technology that prioritises safety and is the only controlled cooling device designed with built-in safety measures. The Coolsculpting system has a range of sensors that detects adverse effects such as the freezing of epidermal and dermal tissues. With the increase in demand for fat-freezing treatments, there are many unbranded machines used that are not FDA cleared and maybe a risk to your safety. Without the safety feature, skin freezing or in severe cases, burns may even occur.

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(You don’t have to worry about safety with Coolsculpting.)


2. General Lipofreeze sessions are more affordable than Coolsculplting

While the general cost of the procedure depends on treatment areas and the number of applicators used, Coolsculpting is backed by years of research and expertise, costing more. A general Lipofreeze session can cost an average of $350 whereas a Coolsculpting session may cost you about $600. Beware of knockoff “Coolsculpting” offers that go as low as $100!

(Lipofreeze is a cost-effective option when compared to Coolsculpting but at what cost? Photo credits: https://cometohealthtourism.com)


3. Coolsculpting has a proven track record of 20-25% fat reduction

Coolsculpting is a recognised device and as such, adequate research and reporting have been done to prove that the treatment results in up to 20-25% reduction of fat in treated areas. According to case reports, Coolsculpting’s fat-freezing technology also offers longer-term results that make trouble spots significantly less troubling. Other Lipofreezing devices are not as recognised and may not be able to provide data on their success rates.

(Get to enjoy up to 20-25% reduction of fat with Coolsculpting!)


4. Lipofreeze treatments may need more follow-up sessions for results to show

Fat-freezing treatments require more than one session for maximum results. However, based on clinical research, Coolsulpting is notably the only treatment which offers significant results in just one session. Other Lipofreeze treatments may not be as effective and require up to 4 treatments for results to start showing. It is crucial to note that the recommended period of time between session is 4-6 weeks at the minimum.


5. Coolsculpting devices are typically only sold to established clinics with doctor expertise

Coolsculpting devices are only sold to clinics with strong expertise. Furthermore, there are mandatory professional training courses with repeat refresher and expert level international courses to ensure personnel are fully comfortable using the device. Many Spas offer fat-freezing treatments but devices used are questionable.


6. Coolsculpting can offer many customisable cooling heads in the treatment

Coolscuplting has an innovative cooling plates method that is used to get to stubborn areas such as inner thighs and the tummy more effectively. In addition, its different cooling hands are designed specifically to fit different part of the body. Lipofreeze, on the other hand, has two heads per device and allows two parts to be treated at the same time to achieve symmetrical results.


Non-invasive treatments like Coolsculplting and Lipofreeze has its pros and cons. After all, getting closer to your goal body isn’t an easy feat! Have patience and navigate through the various options available before making your decision.

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