11 YEARS of safety record
200, 000 procedures
65 years Panel Doctors’ Experience
11 YEARS of safety record
200, 000 procedures
International Medical Aesthetics Group
65 years Panel Doctors’ Experience

Intense Pulse Light (IPL)

See beautiful changes in your complexion

FDA-approved treatment for safety and efficacy

IPL has the photo-rejuvenation effect to give immediate glow. Repetitive treatments target darker pigments such as freckles, sunspots, brown spots. Pigmentations are lighten as the result. We uses clinical grade FDA approved, 3rd Generation Cold IPL to give you fairer, finer skin. 

Our multi-function multi-PIP IPL is able to:
• Rejuvenate your skin
• Refine your skin texture and pore size
• Improve pigmentation
• Control acne with the blue light technology
• Effectively remove/ reduce your facial and body ( armpit/ legs/ arms/ back etc) hair
• Reduce fine veins

Due to the improved technology you are assured of a pleasant and comfortable experience, coupled with good results.

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