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How does online doctor consultation work?

June 8, 2020



Ever needed a professional doctor consult but couldn’t fit it into your busy schedule? With the daily hustle and bustle, it’s highly common that our skin and health are left having to fend for its own.

Can you imagine if you could connect with a doctor wherever you are, without travelling? It may sound too good to be true but online doctor consultations aka telemedicine, are a common concept in recent years due to the advancement of technology.

(Telemedicine is changing how we access healthcare.
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Heal from a distance...

Telemedicine is the remote delivery of healthcare services and has been around since the 1950s. It was initially offered through landline telephones. Telemedicine is now available via online portals, video software that facilitates remote consultations as well as mobile applications by various companies.


With telemedicine, patients can discuss symptoms, medical issues and health concerns with a healthcare professional in real-time. It’s like you can bring the doctor home! You will also be able to receive a diagnosis, review treatment options and get prescriptions. It is even possible for doctors to monitor your condition using remote medical devices, when necessary. 


(Get your conditions diagnosed from the comfort of your own homes!)


If you have been visiting your family doctor all your life, it could be tricky to switch to virtual consultations. However, times are changing and more patients are exploring these options. According to research, 64% of patients are likely to see a doctor by video and 94-99% of patients were “very satisfied” with the service.

While virtual care might not be suitable at all times, it could prove to be an effective solution for acute conditions. 


How can I secure an online doctor consultation? 

Depending on the service availability by various healthcare providers, patient portal and video consultations are two ways that you can experience an online doctor consultation. 

1) Patient Portal

All you have to do is create a private account to get started! Subsequently, you have to pay a fee to consult with a licensed doctor at the comfort of your home. These portals will also protect and secure all your data. After the consult is completed, you will receive medical advice, notes and if required, even medication delivered directly to your address. 


(Patient portals provide one-stop access to online consultations with your doctor.
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2) Phone/Video Consults 

Some doctors provide appointments through phone calls or video conferences. It is much easier to connect via video for mental health and skincare conditions. 


(Video consults are remote yet personal.
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Virtual care can’t completely replace primary care, but it has been revealed that 65% of General Practitioners (GP) visits are for acute, self-limiting conditions such as flu, sore throat or cough. These conditions can be handled efficiently over telemedicine. 

Here are 4 reasons you should consider telemedicine….

  • Increased accessibility
    Everyone, including disabled patients, can access healthcare more efficiently and conveniently.
  • Less waiting time
    One testing thing about physical visits to the doctor is the long waiting time. We all have experienced flipping through magazines for hours at times! Telemedicine allows you to attend to other matters at home while fitting in a doctor’s consult, even with a busy schedule. 
  • Safety
    A doctor’s visit can be quite intimidating as you can’t eliminate the chance of catching something from another patient due to the long waiting time at the crowded waiting room. Online doctor consultations allow you to get diagnosed without the risk of getting infected.
  • Cost-effective
    It has been proven that people who use telemedicine enjoy more cost savings, compared to hospital visits. Besides, reduced commute also results in transport savings. 



(Enjoy the benefits of telemedicine.
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Before you give telemedicine services a go, make sure to check if….

  1. The doctors are licensed to practice.
  2. There’s a clear registration process to keep medical records.
  3. There’s a Clear Privacy Policy.


Online doctor consultations will always be an option to turn to for quick medical advice. While this information can be daunting to digest immediately, it can be a legitimate solution in the long run.

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