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How does HIFU work?

April 13, 2020



In recent years, HIFU, or ‘High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound’ has become the go-to non-invasive treatment for skin lifting or tightening. If that sounds like something you might be interested in to maintain your youthfulness, read on to find out more about the treatment!


How does HIFU treatment work?

Occasionally referred to as the ‘lunchtime facelift’ as the treatment is faster than you can imagine, HIFU targets the deep layers of the skin. The concentration of HIFU waves causes thermal coagulation, which jumpstarts the skin’s repair process by producing and regenerating new collagen. After the treatment, you would be treated to a more rejuvenated and firmer skin. Some treatment areas include chin rejection, eyebrow lifting, facial contour improvement, lifting of sagging skin and wrinkle reduction. 










(HIFU treatment is often referred to as the ‘lunchtime facelift due to the convenience.
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Duration of procedure

While dependant on the treatment area, a typical HIFU treatment done on the face and neck takes about 30-60 minutes. The best part? There’s no downtime! You can continue with your normal activities immediately after the treatment, making HIFU a very convenient option to fit into your busy schedule! 

The results and number of treatments may vary from individual to individual as the treatment taps onto your collagen production. Most clients will see some initial effect but the eventual results tend to show two to three months later. Subsequently, clients will usually have fresh, young collagen for at least a year. Follow-up treatments can be done to balance out the natural ageing process. 










(HIFU is one of the most popular non-invasive facelift options available now.
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HIFU is a safe procedure as it’s designed to be non-invasive and doesn't introduce any foreign particles into the body. Moreover, it has been used in over 250,000 treatment worldwide. Ultrasound energy has also been a common element in the medical field for over 50 years. 


Pain/Side Effects 

HIFU is painless compared to traditional surgical lifts. Since the ultrasound energy is being deposited to specific areas of your skin, your skin may appear flushed at the beginning but this typically disappears after a few hours. Some may experience temporary slight swelling or numbness on certain areas of skin. Skin sensitivity should always be reviewed with the treating practitioner to avoid adverse side effects.

While the procedure is generally safe, it is not advisable for pregnant and haemorrhagic patients due to the possibility of local skin lesion. 

As part of the recovery, clients are recommended to avoid extreme weather conditions such as direct sunlight and hydrate themselves more. 

If you have saggy skin, chubby cheeks or have developed wrinkles recently, this might be the treatment for you. Essentially, HIFU is a thrilling alternative for those who would like to experience the benefits of cosmetic surgery….but without the surgery and the hefty price tag. 










(HIFU could be your solution to being more confident.!)

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