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As we age, it affects not only skin, but also the deep muscular layers in the face and platysma muscles of the neck to drop lower. Collagen in our bodies is constantly depleting, resulting in unsightly, tired and sagging appearance of eyelids, cheeks, jaw, neck as well as fine lines and wrinkles. At ClearSK, we provide FDA-approved, non-invasive and time-tested treatments to stimulate collagen regeneration and smooth out wrinkled skin.

At ClearSK, we offer clinically tested face treatments such as:

Face Shaping

• Liftera*
• Ultherapy*
• Threadlift*
• V-lift*
• Botox
• Fillers

Pigmentation/Dull Skin

• HydraBright Facial
• Aqua Whiten Peel
• PulsedLight Whiten Facial 
• IPL-Plus Whiten Facial
• Italian/Spanish Whiten Peel
• RedLight Soother (PDT)
• Lazer Whiten Facial
• DrPigment Twin Laser System

Acne / Acne Scars

• BluLight Acne Clear (PDT)
• Clarifying Facial
• Lazer Acne Clear Facial
 • Aqua Acne Peel
 • PulsedLight Acne Clear
 • EMX Laser (Scars/Pores)
 • Italian Acne Peel


• Lazer Lines Free
• RF-Plus Skin Tighten
• IR Wrinkles Free
• Boto Lines-Free
• Collagen Fillers (Sculptra)
• Ulthera Facelift*

Eye Care

• Lazer Eyelift
• RF-Plus Eyelift
• BOTO Lines Free Eyes
• Ulthera Eyelift

ClearSK Medi+Skincare

• ClearSK Medi-Skincare Smoothen Series
• ClearSK Medi-Skincare Tighten Series
• ClearSK Medi-Skincare Whiten Series

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