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Look Sharp with Botox

Non-Surgical Face Shaping Program Designed By Doctors

In the past, cosmetic surgery was the only method to improve the facial features. With the introduction of non-surgical procedures like Botox and Fillers in the recent years, you can get surgery-like results of defined facial features (sharper noses, defined cheeks, V-face) without the surgery. Best of all, these two treatments are minimally invasive with immediate results. 

Not sure if everyone knows about this, but Botox has a long history that dates back to 1950s! It was first discovered as a medical treatment to treat muscle spasms as it allows the muscles to relax. 

So in Botox, prescription medicine is actually used to inject into specific muscle areas of your face to soften and reduce its movement to prevent the deepening of the fine lines on the face.

Generally, it is suitable for people who have skinfolds, loose skin, fine lines on face and neck. And more specifically, customers can also use Botox for jawline slimming and Fillers for nose shaping, cheeks/chin augmentation, lips enhancement and scar/acne depressions. It really depends a lot on the individual customers’ needs – e.g.: BOTOX will be recommended for customers with a square-shaped face, and Fillers of different density and cross linkages for customers with a thin, flatter face

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