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Tummy | Thighs | Calves | Arms | Underchin Fats

Spending hours in the gym daily and diligently committing to this regime may help you lose or maintain weight. However, hard and stubborn fat found around the tummy, thighs and arms may cause much frustration. ClearSK understands your frustrations in seeing stubborn fat stay despite all the hard work you put in. ClearSK DrShape body programs are designed by doctors and powered by the latest technology to tackle all kinds of stubborn body fat with minimal to no downtime. Our treatments are safe, non-invasive, target and eliminate fats at specific body zones to give you the body shape you desire with no fuss.

We offer the following clinically tested body slimming treatments:

• Coolsculpt Fat-Freeze
• LipoFreeze
• Ultrashape
• Velashape
• 3D lipo

Soft Fats & Cellulites

• Lymphatic Massage
• Body Slim Wrap
• RF Body Shaper
• LaserSlim FatMelt
• Cellulite Buster

Hard Fats & Cellulites

• LaserSlim FatMelt
• Ultrasound FatBlast
• RF Body Shaper
• Cellulite Buster

Stubborn Fats

• Ultrasound FatBlast
• CoolShape Fat Freeze
• CoolSculptor Plus
• CoolSculpting Fat Freeze

Weight Management

• Body Analysis
• ClearSK Slimming Products
• ClearSK Slimming Supplements

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