11 YEARS of safety record
200, 000 procedures
65 years Panel Doctors’ Experience
11 YEARS of safety record
200, 000 procedures
International Medical Aesthetics Group
65 years Panel Doctors’ Experience

Airjet & BRT

Skin Lifting & Rejuvenation

Aesthetic Technology from Korea
Alternative to Threadlift using "Air"

AirJet is definitely a go-to aesthetic treatment to combat anti-aging. 

BRT Air Jet System uses the technique of subcision, to remodel collagen and increase the dermis layer. There is no direct contact, no needles, no surgery and no downtime! Energy is delivered directly to the target tissue using a dispersion effect which improves the contour of sagging skin and in specific areas on the face such as the nasolabial fold, marionette lines, and eye brow position. You can expect to see an overall more lifted youthful appearance with just one session.

The treatment works by using pneumatic acceleration of high-mass hyaluronic
acid (HA) particles. The powerful jet nozzle produces high pressure energy and
blasts these particles into the deeper layers of the targeted skin through a tiny,
micro-sized entry point. This induces a deep volumetric micro-trauma effect
with an optimal spread of the skin enhancing agent. The jet nozzle disperses
the skin enhancing agent uniformly, covering 100 times the area of one 32G
needle’s entry point while leaving minimal signs on the epidermis.

It is a go-to aesthetic treatment to combat anti-aging. Especially when combined with other treatments, you will be impressed by the results. Treatment and result varies for individual therefore it is necessary to consult our doctor for an assessment!

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