Melt Tummy Fats & Cellulite with Doctor-designed Program



Amidst the shopping and feasting this holiday season, most of us won’t be having the spare time for workouts to shed the extra pound. Even if you exercise regularly, you might also find fat bulges at certain body parts such as the tummy belly, arms and thighs, which are especially hard to get rid of.


Don’t let your fat bulges affect your holiday mood. Achieve a shapelier figure with the DrShape® LaserSlim.



Rid Tummy Fats & Cellulite

with FDA-Approved DrShape® LaserSlim



DrShape® LaserSlim specifically targets fats bulges at the tummy belly, love handles, arms and thighs in a 2-step combo. First, it uses Laser Lipolysis to melt the fats / cellulite, followed by thermal-vacuum massage to drain these melted / liquefied fats from the body. It is a quick 20-min treatment that is FDA-approved for safe & reliable results, unlike the high risks present in surgical liposuction. Recommended to be done at least once to twice weekly for visible results.



DrShape® Starter Program:

LaserSlim @ $68 (2-step combo)


DrShape® Advanced Program:

Coolsculptor Fat Freeze + Ultra Fat Blaster @ $398


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