(VP6) Body Shaping Program

Body Shaping and Slimming Therapies $88

- No Bulging Tummy. 
- No Flabby Arms. 
- No Curvy Thighs
- No Love Handles

First Trial at $88 per treatment (Usual: $420)



a.) 6 sessions at $528 (U.P. $ 2,520)

Savings of 73% ($1,452)

√ Use up to 3 months from purchase date.


b.) 24 sessions at $2,112 (U.P. $ 10,080)

Savings of 79% ($7,968)

√ Use up to 6 months from purchase date.
√ Shareable with up to 2 Friends / Family Members for 24 sessions. 



*Price indicated is only available at retail outlets.

Spend 3 hours in the gym daily but not losing those hard, stubborn fats and cellulites at tummy, thighs or arms?

Fret not! DrShape® Program, designed by Doctors, is an integrative program that targets these hard, stubborn fat using clinical treatments that have been approved by Global Health Authorities of USA & Europe. No surgery, no downtime. 

Program Designed by Doctors 

Clinically-tested Programs Approved by Global Authorities (USA FDA & European CE Medical) 

85% See Great Result for the past 10 years

ClearSK Group 

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Selection of Treatments available:

(Clinical treatments recommended by Doctors)

1. LaserSlim FatMelt


The 2-Step Fat Burner targets soft fats & cellulite. It uses infra-red Laser energy to naturally stimulate your body’s metabolism rate to burn off fat, followed by vacuum massage to drain off the liquefied fat. Treatment also promotes collagen growth at deeper skin and reduces cellulite. See noticeable reduction in fat after 6-8 sessions.

2. Ultrasound FatBlast

This Fat Blaster targets hard fats & cellulite. It uses Cavitation Ultrasound to break down hard fat into smaller fragments, by rupturing the fat cell with pressure without affecting the surrounding organs. The smaller fat fragments are then naturally eliminated through the urinary and lymphatic systems. Best combined with other body treatments for optimal results after 6-8sessions.

3. Cellulite Buster

The 3-in-1 treatment targets Cellulite. It combines 3 different technologies – Radio Frequency, Rolling Motion Vacuum and Infra Rays, to promote drainage of toxins, improve blood circulation, reduce water retention and stimulate collagen remodeling to reduce the dimply-looking skin of Cellulite. See noticeable reduction in cellulite after 6-8 sessions.

4. RF Body Toner


This Body Toner targets to tone & firm your body. It combines the effects of magnetism to rebalance the body’s lymphatic drainage and medi-grade Radio Frequency (RF) to restore your skin’s elasticity and eliminate unsightly flabbiness. Thermal activity of RF stimulates collagen for skin firming, shrinks fat cells for toning and stimulates blood circulation to drain fatty deposits and toxins. See visible reshaping of your body after 6-8 sessions.

Why This Is a Must-Have?

√  Targets Stubborn Fat resistant to exercise

√  Achieve Slimmer Body, with no need to go through intensive surgery eg: Liposuction

√  Achieve Shapely, Firmer body contours

√  Safe & effective clinical treatments recommended by Doctors & approved by Global Health Authorities of USA & Europe!



- Frequency of treatment is subjected to skin condition. You will be advised more accurately when visiting for your treatments.

- Other T&Cs apply. 

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