(VP4) Perfect Skin Program

Pigmentation, Pimples/Acne, Pores, Acne Scars Therapies $48

Recommended by Doctors

- No Pigmentation
- No Pimples / Acne
- No Pores / Acne Scars
- No Dull, Uneven Skin

First Trial at $48 per treatment (Usual: $296)



a.) 6 sessions at $288 (U.P. $ 1,776)

Savings of 83% ($1,386)

√ Use up to 3 months from purchase date.



b.) 24 sessions at $1,152 (U.P. $ 7,104)

Savings of 83% ($5,712)

√ Use up to 6 months from purchase date .
√ Shareable with up to 2 Friends / Family Members for 24 sessions.




*Price indicated is only available at retail outlets.

How does it works?

No pigmentation, pimples & pores.  Perfect Skin Program is a clinical treatment program comprising of Lazer & Light technologies to help you achieve radiant clear skin safely and effectively.     Helps to lighten pigmentation and reduce pimples/acne, enlarged pores, acne scars and rejuvenate dull skin. The light energy will also give you the skin radiance to look red carpet ready!  Recommended to be done once a week.


Program Designed by Doctors

Clinically-tested Programs Approved by Global Authorities (USA FDA & European CE Medical) 

85% See Great Result for the past 10 years


ClearSK Group 

International Aesthetics Chain in Singapore . Shanghai . Suzhou . Beijing

Selection of Treatments available:

(Clinical treatments recommended by Doctors)

1. IPL-Plus Whiten Facial (eMax)

Uses the Skin Rejuvenation (SR) system, a unique combination of IPL and RF to treat mild to moderate pigmentation eg freckles safely, quickly and effectively. FDA-Approved. See skin brighten instantly, 1-2 times monthly for best results and maintenance. Suitable for fair to medium skin tone.

2. PulsedLight Whiten Facial (NannoLight / Venus)

quick, comfortable procedure that makes use of pulses of light to reverse the skin’s photo ageing process, resulting in a fairer complexion. Effectively targets acne marks, dark spots and freckles. See skin brighten instantly, 2-4 times monthly for best results and maintenance. Suitable for fair to medium skin tone.


3. Lazer Facial

Combines both light and heat energy (LHE) to treat pigmentation, pimples, pores and lines. This non-invasive and non-abrasive treatment with no downtime is clinically proven for safety, efficacy and results. See skin brighten instantly, 3-4 times monthly for best results and maintenance. Suitable for All skin tone.


4. RedLight Soother (PDT)

Uses FDA-approved PDT technology to rejuvenate the skin and helps prevent photo ageing. It is particularly effective for those who have pigmentation concerns. It helps improve skin tone and smoothness, promoting healing after undergoing abrasive skin treatments eg laser resurfacing. Weekly treatment for best results.

5. BluLight Acne Clear (PDT)

Uses FDA approved PDT technology and is suitable for those who wish to lighten acne scars, counter bad acne outbreaks, and for those who wish to see a general rejuvenation of their skin. It is especially effective in treating oily acne skin and ageing skin. Weekly treatment for best results.

Why This Is a Must-Have?

√  The perfect program for flawless, fairer, younger-looking skin, free from pigmentation, pimples and enlarged pores.

√  Start now for early intervention

√  See long lasting results

√  Best price using the best technology approved by Global Health Authorities of USA & Europe for perfect-looking skin.



- Frequency of treatment is subjected to skin condition. You will be advised more accurately when visiting for your treatments.

- Other T&Cs apply. 

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