(VP3) V-Shape & Lift Program

Face Lifting & Face Slimming Therapies $88

Recommended by Doctors

- No Chubby Cheeks

- No Double Chin

- No Wrinkles / Laughing Lines / Crowfeet

First Trial at $88 per treatment (Usual: $330)



a.) 6 sessions at $528 (U.P. $ 1,980)

Savings of 73% ($1,452)

√ Use up to 3 months from purchase date.



b.) 24 sessions at $2,112 (U.P. $ 7,920)

Savings of 73% ($5,808)

√ Use up to 6 months from purchase date.
√ Shareable with up to 2 Friends / Family Members for 24 sessions.



*Price indicated is only available at retail outlets.


No chubby cheeks. No double chin. Lift and firm your face with thermal laser or RF treatments, which target sagging or chubby cheeks and double chin.


Thermal laser firms up the upper skin layer, helping to keep the skin taut and V-shaped. Treatment is comfortable with no pain or needles, recommended to do weekly to achieve optimal results. No downtime from all sessions.



Program Designed by Doctors


Clinically-tested Programs Approved by Global Authorities (USA FDA & European CE Medical) 


85% See Great Result for the past 10 years



ClearSK Group 

International Aesthetics Chain in Singapore . Shanghai . Suzhou . Beijing


Selection of Treatments available:

(Clinical treatments recommended by Doctors)


1. RF-Plus Skin Tighten (eMax)

Anti-aging solution to tighten sagging skin around lower jaw and droopy eyelids. FDA-approved and uses eMax Refirme ST technology (RF and IR) to initiate collagen production in the deep dermal layers and remodel the weakened structure. See visible results instantly, 1-2 times monthly for best results and maintenance.

2. V Face Shaper (Accent)

Combines Ultrasound with Unipolar RF to eliminate fat deposits and tighten the skin along the jawline. FDA-Approved and suitable for moderate sagging skin. See visible results instantly, 1-2 times monthly for best results and maintenance.

3. RF Face Shaper (Focus / Venus)

Uses FDA-Approved RF device to Initiates collagen remodelling to tighten and lift mild to moderate sagging skin. See visible results and 2-3 times monthly for best results and maintenance. Opt for Magnetic RF Facial for moderate to severe skin laxity.

4. Lazer Line-Free Facial

Helps treat fine lines and wrinkles using Light & Heat Energy (LHE). This non-invasive and non-abrasive treatment boosts your skin’s collagen renewal rate that will help re-establish that youthful glow to your skin once again. Weekly treatment for best results and 1-2 times for maintenance.

5. VLift Facial

Uses HIFU technology to lift, tone and tighten loose or wrinkled skin by encouraging the growth and formation of new collagen at all skin layers. See visible results instantly, 1-2 times monthly for best results and maintenance.

Why This Is a Must-Have?

√  Ideal for clients who wish to achieve a V-shaped face and skin lifting for a more youthful appearance.

√  Start now for early intervention

√  See long lasting results

√  Best price using the best technology approved by Global Health Authorities of USA & Europe for face firming and shaping that is fast, safe and effective.



- Frequency of treatment is subjected to skin condition. You will be advised more accurately when visiting for your treatments.

- Other T&Cs apply. 

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