Achieve Jeanette’s Youthful V-Face by Christmas!

Achieve Jeanette's Youthful V-Face

by Christmas!


ClearSK International Skincare Chain

by Doctors 





Saggy Skin, plump face, and double chin make us look tired and fat! Definitely not the first impression we want to give at our client meetings or at parties or in photos on Facebook or Instagram.  Fret not,  ClearSK Doctors had designed a system of multi-layer techniques to re-shape your face into firm V contour naturally, with non-invasive and fast treatment – choose from selection comprising lasers of various kinds to target precisely at the collagen and elastic layers of the skin.


At ClearSK, we understand that everyone’s skin is unique, thus our doctor-designed programs are tailored to the individual skin type, keeping your skin young from within.



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STARTER PROGRAM: Thermal V-Face Laser

Firms Skin & eliminates underchin fats (if any)



ADVANCED PROGRAM: Deep Collagen Lift

Non-surgical lifting of the elastin and collagen matrix in deep skin


The amazing results of ClearSK's V Face program come from multi-layer “heavy lifting”:


  1. STARTER PROGRAM to firm the upper skin through thermal V-Face laser. Results can be immediately visible, reaching its optimal in 2 weeks
  2. ADVANCED PROGRAM using non-surgical lifting of the elastin and collagen matrix in deep skin, which holds up the skin. Results take about at least 2 - 4 weeks to show, with longer-lasting results up to a year*


At the price of 1 universal program, you could pick from a selection of treatment technologies that work best with your skin.  Our Doctors pre-qualified the program to ensure it's safe for your skin type, while you can pick and choose from an array of treatments which you feel most comfortable with.





1 Session: $192*

(Usual: $240)


1 Program of 6 sessions:

$1152 ($192/Session)

(Usual: $1440, Save $288!)






1 Session: $2000





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