Don’t Let Technology Stress You and Give You Belly Fat



Overwhelming technology causes stress and build up of belly fat.


Technostressed : It is a definition of how technology causes irritation, frustration, stress and lack of sleep, according to a professor of psychology at California State University. Technology has made us being constantly available for reach, having to handle multiple tasks and sorting through all the information received bringing anxiety known as technostress.


Ask yourself a few questions to check how much technology is affecting stress in daily life.

Do you lose sleep over smartphones/ tablets/ laptops / tv in the bedroom?

Do you feel that you spend most of the the time on your phone / computer / tablet or social media?


We rarely have time to disconnect from our constantly “never unplugged” world, be it for work, for social and entertainment or for bridging meaningful relationships with people, which also reduces time spent on physical activity and exercises.


In turn, being constantly connected causes even more stress to build up through the day, resulting in a continuous stress accumulation.


Research from Cambridge University, UK also show that 1 in every five people use communication technology for more than 7 hours in a day. This study comes along with claims that social media leave people feeling depressed or addicted.


Whether being physically or emotionally stressed, our body focus on fuel storage for the “fight or flight response”, with reaction to the increased secretion of stress hormone, cortisol. With this high cortisol levels, our body also does not react well to leptin hormone (the one that makes us feel full), henceforth causing a spike in appetite and cravings.


Central / abdominal (around stomach area) fat distribution is related to greater psychological vulnerability to stress and cortisol reactivity. Fat cells actually have special receptors for cortisol, as there are more of these receptors in our abdominal fat cells than anywhere else in our bodies. When stress levels are high and our adrenal glands secrete more cortisol, we will stay in a perpetuating cycle of adding pounds, and the “spare tyre” gets bigger with time.


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