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Signs Sleep Deprivation Even Though You May Not Feel Like It

It turns out, according to sleep science, most adults experience similar side effects from sleep deprivation. Sure, if you're up too late the night before, you'll feel all the classic signs of being under-rested (heavy eyes, yawning, etc.), but when sleep deprivation becomes cumulative, resulting from weeks or months of short-night rest, your body will try to compensate in other ways other than feeling classically sleepy.


  1. Carbohydrates and sweet cravings associated with sleep deprivation - leading to weight gain / expanding waistline

- Inadequate rest prompts your body to produce more ghrelin (hormone that causes feeling of hunger) and less leptin (hormone that gives you the feeling of fullness)

- When the brain is not getting energy from sleep, it gets from food

- Metabolism slows down from inadequate sleep

- Cortisol levels increase leading to increase in abdominal fat storage


  1. Feeling dejected for no particular reason

- Feeling too tired to control your emotions

- Sleep deprived brains are 60% more reactive to negativity


  1. Slower and less precise motor skills

- Poor coordination comparable to a drunk person

- Feeling impaired on early morning hand-eye coordination


  1. Older-Looking Skin

- More prone for breakouts

- Reduced firmness & hydration

- Uneven skin texture, skin collagen break down

- Due to increased cortisol levels which spikes in people who are stressed and sleep deprived


  1. More susceptible to cold / flu

- People who sleep lesser than 7 hours each night have 3 times higher risk of catching a cold than people who slept for at least 8 hours

- Our immune system produces cytokines (a protein that helps protect against infection and inflammations) while we sleep


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