Cellulite Twin Starter Program

$720.00 $196.00


Starter Program for Cellulite Reduction at Thighs/Buttock/Tummy:

– $196 for 2 treatment zones ($98/zone)

√ Twin-Energy program to target the core “contributors” of Cellulite at root source:

(a) excess fat accumulation & (b) skin quality.


√  Clinically-tested for safety & effectiveness


√  Recommended by Doctors



ClearSK’s unique twin-energy approach recommended by Doctors, targets the Cellulite issue at its root source, which are excess fat accumulation & skin quality, to help you be Cellulite-Free in just 2 treatment steps:


Step 1 of Cellulite Twin Solution: Eliminate excess fat accumulation by breaking down fat cells with “Shock” waves of the clinical Ultrasound energy.


Step 2 of Cellulite Twin Solution: Improving Skin Quality & Firmness of the body with clinical Radiofrequency energy



1. For first time customers only.
2. This promotion is valid for online only and must be purchased online before redemption of treatment. Advanced Appointment required.
3. Valid at all outlets of ClearSK group except Scotts & Novena outlets.
4. Valid at the following hours for redemption: Mon – Fri: 10.30am – 8pm (last appointment 7.15pm). Sat, Sun / public holiday: 10.30am to 6pm (last appointment 5.15pm).
5. Limit to 1 set purchase per customer.