Clinical Pigmentation Control by Doctor’s Laser


Pigment-Free Skin

with Clinical Pigmentation Control by Doctor's Laser

@ $90/session 


(1+1 session @ $180)

(6+6 session @ $1080)


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“You too can have Pigment-Free Skin. Now medical aesthetics can improve your skin health using medically-tested treatments to achieve Radiant Clear Skin,” said Dr. Shiau Ee Leng, Medical Director of CSK – the Aesthetic Clinic of ClearSK Healthcare Group.


Having good & clear skin without formation of dark spots is no easy feat especially when you live in a hot, humid and sunny environment all year round. They easily occur due to hormones, puberty, and environment factors. If not taken care of when they appear, these problems can become a permanent facial landmark.



Lighten Pigmentation & Dark Spots

with Clinical Pigmentation Control by Doctor's Laser


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Melasma / Brown Patches


Melanin is a substance present in our body that determines our skin colour – whether we have a fair or dark complexion. However, the concern arises when melanin is abnormally concentrated in one area, giving rise to what’s commonly known as pigmentation, freckles or dark spots.


Using the cutting edge technology in treating stubborn forms of pigmentation, CSK Stubborn Pigment Laser delivers precise & clinical light shots onto the treated area quickly with high & intense energy. These intense pulses of laser energy are then absorbed by the treated area, resulting in the breakdown of the formed pigments into smaller pigments and eventually, the elimination of the pigments by the body’s natural lymphatic system.


While targeting your pigmentation at spot areas, CSK Laser treatment can also help to minimizes pores and decrease the appearance of fine lines and facial rejuvenation.


Laser removes pigmented lesions with the energy of very short-pulsed light. Pigmentation is reduced or removed when the laser light is absorbed by the excessive amount of melanin under the skin. Hence, you will achieve a fairer and more even complexion. The laser beam also stimulates new collagen growth in the deep layer of the skin. Thus, it rejuvenates and tightens the skin.


Clinical Pigmentation Control by Doctor's Laser

@ $90/session 


(1+1 session @ $180)

(6+6 session @ $1080)


Regular & frequent sessions are recommended to see visible results.




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