ClearSK Slimming Products

Sticking to a strict diet and regular exercise regime may not be enough to completely eliminate stubborn fat on the body. At ClearSK, we use slimming ampoules and creams, which are HSA-approved, to enhance fat-bursting and fat-burning effects of fat reduction treatments. These slimming products are suitable for all skin types to be used during the course of the treatment or as post-treatment and home care.


Most customers report feeling a warm sensation upon application for some products. Depending on the severity of the customer’s condition and the type of slimming products used, the time to achieve optimal results may vary. For home care products, we recommend application over a minimum of 4 weeks for optimal results. Typically, it takes 2 weeks for results, such as tighter skin and reduced visibility of cellulite to show.


ClearSK’s slimming products enhance treatment results when used together with body shaping programs.


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