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ClearSK’s signature doctor-designed programs are featured on KrisShop since March 2016. Have you seen them yet?

Treat your skin right after your long-haul flight. Find us on KrisShop for exclusive deals with KrisShop or call 61006868 to learn about our full suite of doctor-designed programs for your skin, body and hair concerns today!

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Featured Treatments - Designed by Doctors

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DrPigment™ TwinLaser

A complete program for stubborn pigmentation. It not only reduces existing dark melanin on the skin's surface, but also prevents recurrence by treating the root cause in the deep dermis layer. A comfortable 30-minute treatment with no downtime.



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Bring out the allure of your eyes with the DrEyes™ Program from ClearSK. It rejuvenates and revitalises the skin around your eyes by relieving dark circles, eye bags and fine lines all at one go. Comfortable, relaxing treatments include eye massage and eye mask. A 40-minute session with no downtime.






The complete program for face lifting with no surgery and downtime. It is a twin treatment program that stimulates new collagen from within to lift both inner and upper skin layers. The collagen boost gives a longer-lasting lifting, firming and "supple skin" effect.


Ultherapy (90 Days)