How does Alcohol affect your Skin?



Alcohol is often consumed on happy occasions such as celebrations, weddings or just over a meal. It is harmless to drink in moderate amount, but drinking in large quantity might have adverse effects on your body.



What happens to your skin when you consume too much alcohol?

Alcohol causes an increase in blood flow and dilating the small blood vessels on the outer layer of the skin. Higher volume of alcohol in your body increases the likelihood of small blood vessels (capillaries) on your face to burst, resulting in ROSACEA. Though harmless, rosacea causes the undesirable ‘blood-shot’ eyes that most of us experience after drinking.


Alcohol can cause you to have more than just a 'blood-shot' eye. Essentially, alcohol acts as a diuretic, robbing your organs (INCLUDING YOUR SKIN!) of all water/moisture. We usually wake up with a bloated face the next day after drinking, because when alcohol robs our body of water, our body tries to compensate the loss by storing excess water resulting in the swelling of tissue around the face. Dry skin resulting from the loss of water also tends to allow wrinkles and fine lines to form more easily. 



What can you do about your Wrinkles & Dry Skin?

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There are several doctor-designed treatments that are non-invasive, no downtime and no pain that helps replenish the moisture on your skin quickly and effectively (see visible results in just 1 session). To understand more specifically about your skin concerns, it is best to arrange a complete skin analysis with us to find a custom-fit solution for you.


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