Clinical Hair Growth by Doctor’s Scalp Laser @ $102/session

Clinical Hair Growth by Doctor’s Scalp Laser



(1+1 Session @ $205)

(6+6 Session @ $1228)


Clinically Tested For Safety & Effectiveness. Designed By Doctors.


DrScalp by ClearSK: Hair Growth Treatment designed by Doctors


DrScalp is the Hair Specialist division of ClearSK Group, an international aesthetics chain established since 1999, committed to be your trusted partner in your pursuits of beauty & wellness.

How Does DrScalp Cellular Hair Growth Program Work


Benefit #1: Deep Cellular Repair at hair roots

Benefit #2: Increase Hair Regrowth rate

Benefit #3: Act against the aging of hair follicles

Benefit #4: Healthier-looking Hair & Scalp


Clinical Hair Growth by Doctor's Scalp Laser Program is designed by Doctors to stimulate better hair growth to give your thicker and fuller hair strands.


Using M-Laser within a specific wavelength, we can treat various forms of hair loss or pattern balding. This treatment is able to repair damaged scalp tissues by stimulating blood circulation and encouraging the regeneration of normal healthy tissues and hair follicles in a safe and gentle way.


The Hair Sublative Laser Infusion comprise of 3 treatments:
1. Scalp Detox to prepare your scalp for treatment


2. Sub-dermal infusion by M-Laser directly stimulate hair growth using its selected wavelength clinically proven to help hair growth. The sublative laser fractionally also creates micro “tunnels” quickly which allow hair booster serum to seep deep into the scalp where it really works. Compared to needles it is less painful and virtually painless if numb cream is applied.


3. Gentle P-Laser to improve blood circulation and cell repair rate.


Treatments are safe & reliable as it’s approved by health authorities in Singapore & U.S.

Suitable for hair loss/thinning conditions, damaged or sensitive scalp causing hair loss.




Clinical Hair Growth by Doctor's Scalp Laser

@ $102/session

(1+1 session @ $205)

(6+6 session @ $1228)


Stimulates hair growth with Fractional Laser / RF. No downtime.

Terms & conditions apply. Enquire for more information.

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