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Healthy Hair & Scalp 
With DrScalp™ Program 



Be it men or women, having healthy hair & scalp is no easy feat when you are affected by gradual aging, stressful lifestyle & environment factors.


Most people generally shed 50 to 100 hairs a day, with the new hair growing concurrently. When this cycle of hair growth and shedding is disrupted, you start to lose hair & realize that the hair strand is growing thinner and thinner. This hair loss syndrome usually occurs in the frontal and central balding areas for men and central hair thinning for women.


ClearSK DrScalp™ Program can help you to prevent Hair Loss by stimulating the hair growth cycle for healthier, thicker hair and keep your scalp healthy with essential nutrients.



Reduce Hair Fall with DrScalp™ Program


How to prevent Hair Loss?


ClearSK DrScalp™ Program uses twin treatment with Laser infusion to stimulate the scalp & hair follicles with “growth factors”, allowing the scalp & hair to return to its healthy cell-growth cycle. DrScalp™ Program combines Soft Laser + Growth Factor serum which contains essential “growth factors” to create a synergy effect to nourish & strengthen hair follicles, and increase hair growth activity & strengthens hair strands. This treatment also provides anti-inflammatory & anti-oxidant effects to regenerate healthy hair & scalp.
Suitable for mild – moderate scalp & hair fall issues. Enquire more for advanced treatments.


DrScalp™ Program @ $68 (Consists Of 2 Treatments).
Alacarte Price $256



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