Hair Laser Infusion Therapy

Do you have unsightly bald spots or thinning hair? Why not try our latest non-invasive treatment using low level laser? This treatment stimulates better hair growth to give your thicker and fuller hair strands.


Using laser within a specific wavelength, we can treat various forms of hair loss or pattern balding. This treatment is able to repair damaged scalp tissues by stimulating blood circulation and encouraging the regeneration of normal healthy tissues and hair follicles in a safe and gentle way.


Our Hair Laser Infusion comprise of 2 treatments


  1. Scalp Detox to prepare your scalp for treatment
  2. Laser Infusion with hair growth active serum to stimulate and promote cellular activity within the hair follicles and open up the pores in the scalp to encourage greater nutrient absorption.


Treatment is completed with basic hairstyling where you can leave our center looking good


This is a medical-grade treatment under our medical division.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the treatment like?

How long will it take before I am able to see results?

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What complementary treatments boost treatment results?

Are there any side effects from the treatment?

Is there any post-treatment care you would advise?

Treatment Results