Get the Face Shape you Dream of

Say Goodbye to Skin that is Showing Signs of Ageing and Double Chin

ClearSK, Ultrasonic Facial Sculpting, the latest non-surgical facial sculpting program by doctors, designed to fit Asian faces. Achieves a more defined jawline for slimmer Y-Shape face & reduces Double Chin and Chubby Cheeks!

Effective Treatment for:

- Double Chin

- Cheek Lifting

- Y-Shape Lifting for Face & Neck


To Correct

- Signs Of Ageing / Skin Laxity / Face Shape

To Prevent

- Signs Of Ageing / Face Sagging

How does the treatment work?

Ultrasonic Facial Sculpting uses movable "pen" to administer deep ultrasonic laser into skin "basement" or SMAS layer and lift the skin entirely. Precisely administers 1.5mm, 3mm and 4.5mm skin depths to suit different facial zones.  On the equipment screen, the specialist can precisely adjust the need for pulse power and the depth to which it will penetrate.  The head is attached to the treated part of the face, and then it sends out precisely targeted pulses of intense ultrasound.  The skin reacts to the added energy by creating new collagen, which will gradually strengthen and turn off. The upper layers of the skin remain intact.





Benefits / Results:

- Lifts and tightens skin

- Reduced double-chin (more defined jawline)

- Cheek lifting

- Slimmer Y-Shape face

- Less painful than conventional HIFU





The Procedure:



Targeting Aged Skin



Wrinkled and stretched skin without elasticity due to aging on the upper and lower dermis, SMAS.



How Ultrasonic Facial Sculpting works on the Face



An intense focus ultrasound is irradiated by curved toning technique to the upper, lower dermis and SMAS, at high speed rate (0.1 second) that an make coagulation zone with 65°C at the focusing point.



Skin Tissue Reaction After

Ultrasonic Facial Sculpting  



SMAS layer contraction and the formation of collagen in the upper, lower dermis as a remodeling effects by 65ºC at the focusing point, in the coagulation zone.



Efficacy of Skin Lifting and Sculpting



Wrinkle removal and skin tissue lifting and tightening effects in the aged skin condition by collagen remodeling and SMAS contraction.

1st Difference with Ultrasonic Facial Sculpting / HIFU

in the market

Ultrasonic Facial Sculpting uses a smaller "pen" applicator, which is designed to better fit our facial contours, and move along the tight contours of the face - ideal for the under chin to treat "double chin", or around the eyes.

This is unlike the current technology in the market which uses larger elongated applicator, which is of lesser fit to facial contours.

2nd Difference with Ultrasonic Facial Sculpting / HIFU in the market

Targets 3 skin depths from 1.5mm, 3.0mm, 4.5mm skin deep

Conventional HIFU targets only two skin depths 3.0mm & 4.5mm skin deep, thus results are more targeted to the deeper skin layers, making it less obvious on skin surface.

Other HIFUs in the market target up to 3.0mm deep only.

$299 per session for Upper / Lower Face / Neck

*Program of 6 sessions

- Upper face targets forehead and eyebrow lift

- Lower face lifts the cheek and neck to reduce double chin and achieve a more defined jawline for slimmer Y-Shape


Why ClearSK?


Modern Aesthetics. Designed by Doctors. Powered by Medical Technology. 


Established since 1999, ClearSK is a leading medi-aesthetics group in strives to be the trusted partner of our customers in their pursuit of wellness, beauty and confidence by providing smart and holistic solutions, leveraging on expert guidance from our International Medical Panel, medical technologies and balanced lifestyle.

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