Italian Acne Peel

Italian Acne Peel is a chemical peel technique used to improve the appearance of the skin & reduce oily, acne skin problems by having a chemical solution is applied to the skin. A “blister” is caused and is eventually peeled off. This process effectively removes dull layers of skin, improves skin problems caused by oily glands and acne to restore the skin to a healthy glow. Customers who undergo the treatment will notice their skin becomes clearer with lesser clogs, dead skin, and a reduction in the appearance of acne problems with regular maintenance.


Italian Acne Peel is also a less-intensive form of chemical peel, and it can be done at least once a month for optimal results. This treatment consists of Lactic and Resorcinol and uses improvised exfoliating agents that helps in skin exfoliation and whitening. For oily, acne skin, there will also be the addition of Salicylic Acid to help in controlling oil sebum & acne growth. You can expect mild – moderate skin peeling effects for at least 3 to 7 days.


This is a medical-grade treatment under our medical division.

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