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Disclaimer: Treatment results and experience may vary by individual.

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Program comes with consultation and skin assessment.

Troubled by saggy, droopy and tired looking skin? 

Saggy, Droopy Skin and Double Chin

Acne Scars / Pores

Wrinkles & Fine Lines



Here's what AirJet can do for you!


A non-invasive technology that targets a variety of concerns


AirJet is a Needleless, Skin lifting and Rejuvenation aesthetic technology from Korea that targets a variety of concerns, specifically Acne Scars, Dermal Remodelling, Wrinkles, Fine lines and Saggy Skin. The ideal last-minute touch up skin rejuvenation program which allows you to resume to your activities immediately or be ready for any important occasions.

Scar Correction

Improve scars appearance for a smoother skin texture

Radiant Firm Skin

Smoothen fine line and wrinkles for a radiant more even skin tone

Facelifting & Contouring

Achieve a lifted and more youthful look!

Cell Renewal

Renew your skin from within the cells



1. How is Needleless AirJet Process Like?

Kinetic Lift: Non-surgical Facelift and Skin Tightening


The treatment works by using pneumatic acceleration of high-mass hyaluronic acid (HA) particles. The powerful jet nozzle produces high pressure energy and blasts these particles into the deeper layers of the targeted skin through a tiny, micro-sized entry point. This induces a deep volumetric micro-trauma effect with an optimal spread of the skin enhancing agent. The jet nozzle disperses the skin enhancing agent uniformly, covering 100 times the area of one 32G needle’s entry point while leaving minimal signs on the epidermis.


This needle-free technology simultaneously delivers kinetic energy and a healing compound with minimal epidermal damage, enabling dermal remodelling of acne scars and stretch marks. This induces a break in the scar’s fibrotic strands and releases the scar tissue allowing the fibroblast cells to form a new connective tissue and generate new collagen during the course of natural wound healing.


2. How is Needleless AirJet More Effective Than Most Face Lifting and Scar Removal Programs?

Needleless AirJet is a clinically proven non-thermal modality for aesthetic medicine which enables a fast, safe and effective treatment for kinetic non-surgical facelift, dermal thickening and wrinkle reduction for the face, neck and décolleté, acne scars, keloid and hypertrophic scars, C-section scars, stretch marks and more.


Needleless Airjet Kinetic Facelift stimulates the SMAS layer to induce tightening of the existing collagen which leads to an immediate effect of skin tightening while generating new collagen for a long-term effect of dermal thickening and reduction in the appearance of wrinkles. Additionally, the kinetic energy also stimulates facial muscles increasing circulation in the SMAS and facial muscle layer to improve muscle tone for improvement of jawline contour, lifting of the cheeks, skin tightening, as well as improvement in skin quality and smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles with minimal downtime, minimal pain and low risk of side effects such as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH). As AirJet is a needleless delivery system, thus more acceptable for someone who is looking to have a minimally invasive procedure that does not involve the use of needles, and has a short downtime. Effectively, it is the treatment of subcision and intradermal hyaluronic acid injections, without the use of needles.


Benefits of Airjet:


#Benefit 1: Produces highly notable visible results after each session


# Benefit 2: Minimal downtime


#Benefit 3: No injections/ surgery


# Benefit 4: Lifting up jawline sagging skin


# Benefit 5: Tightening up wrinkles around the eyes and nasolabial fold


# Benefit 6: Reducing fine lines and sagging skin


3. What Are The Results I Should Expect?


Acne Scars Removal

Rolling Acne Scars
Sloping edges that give a rolling or undulating appearance to the skin.


Rolling Acne Scars
Wide, narrow and pitted scars.

Boxcar Acne Scars
Deep and wide scar with sharply defined edges.

Delivery of serum through this needleless technology enables the treatment of all scar subtypes; Rolling acne scars, boxcar acne scars, Ice pick acne scars, and results are achieved with minimal downtime. 

Facelift, Finelines and Wrinkles



Skin enhancing serums penetrate deep into the skin and stimulates the dermis layer to induce collagen regeneration. Hyaluronic acid absorbs the water molecules and maximizes the moisture content of the skin.


Airjet uses the technique of subcision, to remodel collagen and increase the dermis layer. There is no direct contact, no needles, no surgery and no downtime! Energy is delivered directly to the target tissue using a dispersion effect which improves the contour of sagging skin and in specific areas on the face such as the nasolabial fold, marionette lines, and eye brow position. You can expect to see an overall more lifted youthful appearance with just one session.


AirJet is definitely a go-to aesthetic treatment to combat anti-aging. Especially when combined with other treatments, you will be impressed by the results. Treatment and result varies for individual therefore it is necessary to consult our doctor for an assessment!

Treatment Results

4. When will I see the results?

The results of the treatment generally vary from individual to individual. Generally, customers can expect to see improvement within 2 weeks but it is recommended 6 treatment sessions at 2 to 3 weekly intervals until the desired outcome is achieved for lasting restults. During the consultation, we will analyse your skin condition and prescribe a suitable treatment plan accordingly. The frequency of treatment is also subjected to skin condition. You will be advised more accurately during the consultation.

5. When is the Best Time for Me to Do This Treatment? Can I Do It Later (When I Am Older)?

Starting earlier is better than later as a preventive measure before ageing signs show up. As we age, our skin cell renewal rate quickly falls to that of an older person due to various factors. If suitable, the Needleless AirJet may be used with the aim of wrinkle and fine lines reduction, tightening loose skin and reducing acne scars for a more radiant and youthful looking skin.  The younger the skin, the faster you are likely to see the results. It is also important to take into consideration on the consistency of getting the treatment on a regular basis, which will results in a longer and a more lasting effects.


6. Is Needleless AirJet Alone Sufficient To Achieve My Desired Results?

Better results can be obtained when different treatment modalities are combined together. As you age, the skin loses its elasticity which causes the connective tissues and muscles elongate and sag, and as the lines get more and more embedded into the skin, it will be harder to treat wrinkles, saggy skin, lines and acne scars with just Needleless AirJet. Some people may need just a few treatment sessions, but some may require a combination of other treatments such as skin tightening treatments, lasers or dermal fillers to enhance the desired results.


Additionally, you can boost and speed up the treatment result by combining with our different range of skin cell boosters to achieve your desired skin care results!



What Is Cell Booster And Why Is It Essential For Our Skin?


Repairing Skin From Within 

ClearSK has released its latest 3rd generation of aesthetics, Cell Boosters, helps to speed up your skin cell renewal rate. They have been scientifically proven to restore damaged skin structure and self-regenerative powers, which helps in speeding up new skin growth. They also enhance the foundation of the skin to improve overall skin condition such as skin tone, firmness and suppleness to make you look 5-10 years younger.


When you are well-rested and leading a healthy, balanced lifestyle, your skin cell renewal rate will be at normal levels of a human, and that makes it great to complement with our energy treatments such as Lasers.


However, urban city lifestyle constantly batters our skin cell renewal rate with a stressful, busy lifestyle that frequently compromises our sleep and exercise. In Singapore, UV rays from the sun are also causing damage to our skin while offering no winter respite for our skin to rest and renew itself. As such, our skin cell renewal rate is damaged and quickly falls to that of an older person.


This is where Cell Boosters come in to help you enhance your skin’s cellular repair rate to maintain flawless, youthful skin regardless of your age. Cell Boosters has been scientifically proven to restore damaged skin structure and self-regenerative power. Therefore, it works best with your energy treatments to remove your skin flaws, while Cell Boosters work to improve your skin overall condition for long-lasting results.



Benefits of Cell Boosters:


Hydrating: Hyaluronic Acid is able to hold 1000 times of its weight in moisture and able to deeply hydrate and replenish the moisture in the skin from within. The skin will be left soft and supple, fully hydrated for healthy and radiant skin. 


Whitening: TA is the latest powerful ingredient found to target and reduce the spread of discolouration caused by pigmentation. The acid is able to cut down the production of melanin in the skin, helping it to be fairer and more flawless. 


Skin Cell Renewal: South Korea’s newly released Salmon sperm DNA might sound odd, but it is slowly becoming the most sought-after ingredient for skin treatments. It has become a DNA cell booster treatment which differs from other skin boosters as it can enhance the cell repair and renewal rate, while improving skin texture. Other benefits include improve skin firmness, reduced wrinkles, pore & scar visibility and enhance even skin tone.

7. Is the Treatment Safe and Painless?

All the skincare products & treatments carried by ClearSK have gone through stringent selection and are reviewed by our medical panel and certified by global authorities – FDA/CE, and HSA in Singapore for safety and effectiveness.

8. How will the treatment be planned for me?

A 10-15-minute consultation would be arranged with our senior doctors to discuss with you on your skin concerns, suitability, and desired results. We have already put in place standardised protocols on recommended treatment sessions based on the severity of the skin condition. After which our patient care consultants will arrange for you on your treatment appointments for the coming 3-6 months. The first 2 treatment appointments should be not more than 4 weeks apart to get the optimum results. Do try not to delay the sessions to achieve the optimal outcome.

9. How Do I Book An Appointment and Where Will the Treatment Be Done?

This treatment program will be performed at CSK Aesthetics Premier Clinic located at Orchard, Scotts Medical Center. Our premier clinic provides greater comfort with great ambiance and a dedicated room with modern entertainment system to keep you entertained.

To book an appointment, simply: 


1) SMS and quote "NeedleLess AirJet" to 9710 8808 for priority appointment booking. 

2) Submit Enquiry here

3) Call 6100 6868.


Notice: SMS/online appointment booking will always take priority over phone booking.

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