You can be Cellulite-Free in just 2-steps.

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Cellulite, one of the hidden issues that almost 90% of the women will experience in their lifetime. Most people often think it’s purely a fat issue, but it is a multifactorial problem with the core “contributors” being excess fat accumulation & skin quality for most of the women. What’s even more shocking, it happens even to women on the slimmer side!


ClearSK, the clinical slimming specialist with 18 years of experience in body aesthetics, has the latest twin treatment approach in 2 steps to precisely target the core “Contributors” of Cellulite safely & effectively with no surgery & downtime.

Starter Program for Cellulite Reduction at Thighs/Buttock/Tummy:

- $196 for 2 treatment zones ($98/zone)


1-month Program for Cellulite Reduction at Thighs/Buttock/Tummy:

- $1500 for 12 treatment zones ($125/zone)

1. What is the ClearSK Solution to Cellulite?

√  Twin-Energy program to target the core “contributors” of Cellulite at root source: (a) excess fat accumulation & (b) skin quality


√  Clinically-tested for safety & effectiveness


√  Recommended by Doctors


ClearSK’s unique twin-energy approach recommended by Doctors, targets the Cellulite issue at its root source, which are excess fat accumulation & skin quality, to help you be Cellulite-Free in just 2 treatment steps: 

Step 1 of Cellulite Twin Solution: Eliminate excess fat accumulation by breaking down fat cells with “Shock” waves of the clinical Ultrasound energy.


The 1st Energy in this program is using clinical Ultrasound energy to precisely target into the deep skin depths to break down the underlying fat cells that is one of the causes for Cellulite. It uses “shock” ultrasound waves to cause rupture of your fat cells to facilitate its process of breaking down & elimination from your body.

Step 2 of Cellulite Twin Solution: Improving Skin Quality & Firmness of the body with clinical Radiofrequency energy


Turbocharge the skin of your body with the 2nd energy: Radiofrequency. It is important to take care of your skin quality, especially after the fat elimination process. It helps to tighten the skin of your body to prevent the “saggy” appearance.


Clinical Radiofrequency is also precisely calibrated at the temperature of 42-degree Celsius to optimise for breaking down fat cells, tightening skin and stimulating collagen repair in deep skin to improve skin quality of your body in the long run.

2. What is the Program Price?

1 Month Cellulite Starter Program targets Thighs/Buttock/Tummy zones:


  • Twin Starter: $196 for 2 treatment-zones (1 treatment-zone of Ultra Cellulite Blaster + 1 treatment-zone of RF Skin Firming)


  • 1 Month Cellulite Starter Program [BS1]: $1500 for 12 treatment-zones (6 treatment-zones of Ultra Cellulite Blaster + 6 treatment-zones of RF Skin Firming)


  • 1 Month Cellulite Advanced Program [BS4]: $2100 for 12 treatment-zones (6 treatment-zones of Ultra Cellulite Blaster + 6 treatment-zones of Magnetic Skin Firming)

3.  How is ClearSK Twin Program More Effective than Most other Cellulite Treatments?


ClearSK® Twin Program is a complete treatment program recommended by doctors that uses clinical treatments to precisely target the root problems causing cellulite: (a) Excess Fat Accumulation, (b) Skin Quality. By adopting a complete and clinical approach, it is safer & more effective, with no downtime & surgery involved.


Most other treatments do not adopt such a complete or clinical approach to reducing cellulite issues, such as wraps, massage, creams, other isolated treatments. These measures usually only improve the condition for a day or short period, and cellulite returns after. This is also one reason Cellulite is deemed as “untreatable” for many years, and women who are affected by it uses fashion & clothing to hide away the problem.

4. Why 90% of the women are affected by Cellulite & how it affects you?

Above video is an illustration of how normal skin & cellulite skin looks like.

The reason why 90% of the women will experience Cellulite is because women tend to accumulate more fat than men, and it’s usually at the thighs and buttocks where cellulite tends to be.

Notice how Cellulite forms in the above video illustration. When fat cells accumulate & expand in size or numbers, it stretches your skin to fit. However, due to the connective tissues, it pulls back at certain areas of your skin, and this causes the dimply appearance on your thighs/buttocks. As our skin age, the deepening of the dimply, “orange peel” appearance will be more obvious than ever.

5. How do I know how severe is my cellulite?

Above video is an illustration of the different severity of Cellulite condition: 

Stage 1: No dimpling when pressure is applied. Women at this stage are usually quite young when their skin is still very firm & strong to withstand the “pushing force” of the fat cells.


Stage 2: Dimpling when pressure is applied. Women at this stage are usually in their late 20s to early 30s, and their skin starts to age & give way to the “pushing force” of the fat cells. It is therefore important to start treatment at this stage to firm the skin & reduce the fat cells that’s causing Cellulite.


Stage 3: Dimpling is visible even when standing, but not when lying down. At this stage, your skin has almost given way to the “pushing force” of the fat cells.


Stage 4: Dimpling when both lying down & standing. This stage depicts the most severe case of Cellulite, which usually happens as you grow older with no special care.

6. What are the results I should expect?



The results of the treatment generally vary from individual to individual. Some customers see visible results after 6 to 8 treatment sessions, others would require more depending on their body condition.


For optimal results, it is recommended to complete the course of treatment plan prescribed for you.

7. Who are the doctors who designed the program?

Behind treatment programs in ClearSK® Group, we have Medical Aesthetics Advisory Panel from CSK Group of Aesthetics Clinics to oversee research and development of treatment protocols for safe and effective treatments. This medical advisory team includes our Chief Medical Advisor, Dr. Shiau Ee Leng, who has 19 years of experience in treating skin, body & hair concerns in Singapore.

8. Is the treatment safe, effective and painless?


The doctor-designed programs only adopt treatment machines & products approved by Global Health Authorities of USA & Europe, which delivers safe, painless & reliable treatment results to our customers.


There is no invasive surgery involved in the process.

9. How Should I Take Care of Myself After the Treatment?


ClearSK has an in-house nutritionist who provides diet plans as and when requested. Customers are also requested to maintain a healthy and nutritious diet to enhance the effects of the treatment. Exercise is also recommended.

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