ASK THE DOCTOR Series: Look Younger in 2018!

Look Younger in 2018!

Achieve even-toned, flawless skin today

Are you constantly battling with dark brown spots that don’t seem to fade with time?


Uneven skin tone with dark spots is one of the most common skin troubles that we often cry out for help especially when we live in a hot and humid climate in Singapore.


The constant exposure to sunlight would worsen this situation – darkening the existing brown spots and forming even more of them on your skin.




Can we reverse this trend and start out 2018 with younger and flawless skin?



Hyperpigmentation, characterised by freckles, sun spots, melasma, is a common and usually harmless condition, where patches of skin becomes darker than the surrounding, resulting in uneven skin tone.


This usually occurs when an excess of melanin, the brown pigment that produces normal skin colour and helps protect us from harmful UV rays, forms deposits in the skin.


Dr Chen, the Head of Laser Dermatology Division of ClearSK Group, shares with us that hyperpigmentation is the most common skin condition among patients who visit ClearSK. There are 3 main types of hyperpigmentation, namely freckles, sun spots and melasma. Which of these do you have?

Are stubborn freckles, spots and pigmentation covering your skin causing uneven skin tone?



 3 Unique features of each pigmentation type:



  1. You are not born with it!
  2. It intensifies with sun rays and fades when you are less exposed to sun
  3. It’s in your gene. Recessive traits from both parents results in a skin type susceptible to freckles



Sun Spots

  1. Developed due to sun exposure
  2. Darker than freckles
  3. Will stay dark even if you reduce your sun exposure





  1. Primarily caused by changes in female hormones
  2. May affect pregnant women
  3. May be worsen by skincare product irritant



“I have tried multiple skin care products to lighten these dark brown spots, but it doesn’t help!”


Dr Shiau, Chief Medical Advisor of ClearSK, recommends a 2-step approach:


  1. Prevents these spots from intensifying and forming new dark brown spots
  2. Treat the dark brown spots immediately, as the longer the wait, the harder it is to treat


For prevention, practise sun protection is of utmost importance. It could be as simple as wearing a hat, using umbrella or sunshade when you are going outdoors, and always use sufficient sunblock with at least SPF30 and PA+++ every day and (remember to) touch up every 3 hours! This would be the most basic care for skin, regardless for people with or without pigmentation.


If you are trying to lighten dark spots, do note that skin care products over the counters are usually milder and less concentrated. These may help to improve skin dullness only. However, for pigmentation, usually medical grade products are required, with active ingredients such as hydroquinone, liquorice, arbutin, tretinoin, or certain acid-based products that can help to lighten early pigmentation.


When the pigments has become much darker, or dived deeper into the skin, higher level of technology would have to be considered, such as multiple laser treatments in combination for different types and depths of pigmentation. One example would be our DrPigment Twin Laser program that helps to both lighten pigmentation at the upper skin surface and prevent its recurrence by targeting underlying growth factors in your veins. This helps to halt the production of dark pigments and reduce discolouration significantly!


Instant treatment is possible, for newly developed pigments!

In other words, if the pigments reside mainly on the surface of the skin, you can see visible results in 1 single treatment.


For long standing, stubborn pigments, you may be able to see visible results after 3 to 6 sessions of combined laser treatments.


What should I do now?

Stay ahead and kick off your flawless skin journey today with ClearSK.


Have a consultation with our friendly and experienced doctors to tailor the best treatments for your skin troubles and to see effective and safe results.



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