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 Acne-Free Skin

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“You too can have Acne-Free Skin too. Now medical aesthetics can improve your skin health using medically-tested treatments to achieve Radiant Clear Skin,” said Dr. Shiau Ee Leng, Medical Director of CSK – the Aesthetic Clinic of ClearSK Healthcare Group.


Having good skin without oiliness & acne is no easy feat especially when you live in a hot, humid and sunny environment all year round. Problems like, Oily Skin, Clogged Pores (comedones: blackheads & whiteheads), Pimples, and Acne, easily occur due to hormones, puberty, and environment. If not taken care of when they appear, these problems can become a permanent facial landmark.



How to Combat Acne

with TwinClear™ Program?


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Acne Scars



Acne / Pimples / Comedones (blackhead & whitehead) have higher chances of occurrence when the skin is clogged with excess sebum and dirt from the environment on the skin surface (epidermis). The excess sebum & dirt eventually goes deep into the pores, resulting in the growth of the Acne / Pimples / Comedone (blackhead & whitehead) from the deeper skin layer (dermis).


The TwinClear™ Acne Program combines 2 clinical-grade treatments to clear 2 problemsat one go – (1) clogs on skin surface and (2) clear the acne-causing bacteria at deeper skin layer. This allows your skin to achieve optimum results at an accelerated basis without complications and discomfort, usually associated with invasive procedures such as manual skin extraction that causes leftover blemishes & marks.


The 1st treatment is Aqua Acne Peel which provides non-invasive & painless deep cleansing along with infusion of medi-grade treatment solutions to treat pimples/acne, control sebum and hydrate the skin to prevent dryness. The 2nd treatment, Lazer Acne Facial which uses light & heat energy (LHE) to infuse the medi-grade solutions into deeper skin to kill acne-causing bacteria and speed up the recovery process of pimples/acne.



First Time Trial @ $68 (Worth $256):

TwinClear™ Program (Starter)

Consists of 2 treatments to clarify skin & reduce acne & oily skin troubles

Recommended to do at least twice a month to see visible results for a start.



Advanced Trial @ $198 (Worth $568):

TwinClear™ Program (Advanced) 

Consists of 2-step treatment to (1) reduce visible & swelling acne & pimples, and (2) prevent its recurrence.

See visible results after at least 3 - 6 sessions. 




 Before & After Results

*Treatment Results may vary depending on individual skin profiles. 

ClearSK_Before After_Acne (4)

After 6-session treatment program, acne swelling is reduced & skin is visibly brighter. 

ClearSK_Before After_Acne (1)

After 12-session treatment program, acne swelling is reduced & skin is visibly brighter. 





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