ClearSK Mission & Corporate Values

Modern Aesthetics. Designed by Doctors. Powered by Medical Technology. 





ClearSK strives to be the trusted partner of our customers in their pursuit of wellness, beauty and confidence by providing smart and holistic solutions, leveraging on expert guidance from our International Medical Panel, medical technologies and balanced lifestyle.





Excellence: We are always driven to learn, to progress and to give our best to our community, staff and customers. Our impetus for excellence is the hallmark of our culture—we always strive to improve everything that we do, viz., our professional standards, technology, service and products.


Empathy: Our care for our customers forms the main tenet of our value system. Here at ClearSK we treat our customers the way we treat our friends, showing genuine concern and advising them honestly as we will do with our loved ones.


Simplicity: We believe that the smartest ideas and products are simple—simple to understand, simple to use, simple to remember and simple to explain. At ClearSK, we let the experts and technologies solve the complexities and present only simplicity, be it in our products, services or processes. Through simplicity, we exhibit our deep understanding of our customers, in what we do and being the most excellent, we are able to deliver our products and services with great accessibility and relevance to our customers’ needs.


Adaptability: The key to our success today is our flexible ability to stay abreast of technology and our customer needs. This means we constantly adapt to adopt the latest best practices, medical science-backed technologies and innovate our services; to ensure that we continue to stay relevant to our customers