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At ClearSK, we believe in providing quality service to our clients and building a long-term relationship with them. Since 2008, we have performed more than 95,100 face and body treatments. We would like to thank all our customers for their continual support in placing their confidence in us to help them look and feel their best. Hear what some of our clients have to say about us below!

Carol Neo

Mother of 2

Jesse Yap Shu Mei

Founder, Mandeville Conservatory of Music

Jenny Wee

Business Owner

Jesse Yap Shu Mei

Founder, Mandeville Conservatory of Music

A ClearSK Happy Customer


Windy (Jaw Slimming)

No. of Years with ClearSK: 3 – 5 Years

I’ve my treatment done with Dr Teh. He is professional and nice doctor. Never fail, yearly I’ll look for him for my jaw botox injections. He’s really skilled with injections and I’m very satisfied with the result he’s able to give.  I would recommend friends to look for him.

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Mia’s Review: ClearSK Aqua Acne Clear Facial



… I felt that my skin unevenness has also smoothen out slightly, albeit hardly captured in pictures.


So yup, I do feel that this facial treatment is quite worth the penny, and if you’re also facing skin problems like clogged pores, blemishes and acne marks, why not give ClearSK a try too?…


8 Dec 2014

Meryl’s Review : ClearSK® Eye Glow treatment



…You can tell from the comparison of the before and after treatment images, that the areas around my eyes got brighter and less sunken from just one session.. I feel my skin got a little lifted up as well. No more hiding my dark circles and puffiness under my specs.. Instead, i can now wear contact lenses more confidently! So, thank you so much to ClearSK® for such a pampering experience and a wonderful result!! =)


22 Oct 2015


Xaria’s Review: ClearSK® Medi+Skincare Whiten Series



Considering the fact that I was exposed to the sun a lot the last week because of a camp, and my skin tone is still the same as before, I believe that the Lazer Whiten Set has done a good job!


18 Jul 2015

Hannah’s Review: ClearSK® Eye Glow treatment


… I can feel that my skin around the eyes area is firmer and my eyes are less tired looking as compared. Best of all, the whole session takes only about 45 to 60 mins. Which means I can always skip my lunch break to give my eyes a well deserved pampering session…


2 Jan 2016

Patricia’s Review : ClearSK® Eye Glow treatment


…the best part of the treatment is none other than the eye massage with ClearSK Award-winning Laser Tight Repair Serum for eyes and moisturizing eye mask! The massage was so relaxing that I almost fell asleep.


The treatment ends off with my therapist applying Laser Tight Repair Serum for eyes and 3D Enhanced Sun Shield. After the treatment, I was served tea and I left ClearSK with less puffy eyes!


4 Sept 2015

Yingjie’s Review : ClearSK Aqua Acne Clear Facial

…My skin felt really clean and refreshed after the whole treatment. I’m sure it is more firm and hydrated too.. Oh, and I was glowing, major love glowing skin! There is indeed no irritation or discomfort at all…


9 Feb 2015

Dorian’s Review: ClearSK V Face Shaper


…Thank you ClearSK for the fabulous treatment and excellent service once again – definitely highly recommended!


30 May 2016

Jessie’s Review : ClearSK Cellulite Buster


…I have tried 2 sessions and you can see that there is already reduction to my abdominal circumference already of 2 – 3.5cm…