NEW ARRIVAL: Renew from inside your Skin Cells!



Renew from inside your Skin Cells!


Naturally with DNA-based treatments

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Why our skin needs a little help

With stressful lifestyle and tropical climate, it’s no mean feat to keep our skin looking radiant and clear.  The tropical climate constantly batters our skin with UV from the sun while offers no winter respite for our skin to rest and renew itself.  With sleep and exercise get compromised due to our busy lifestyle, our skin cell renewal rate quickly falls to that of an older person.  Premature ageing starts from the inside and quickly shows up our face and skin. It affects our confidence.

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Good news!

Without introducing any non-organic substance, it’s now possible to speed up our skin renewal by repairing its DNA fragments.  Designed by Doctors, this natural DNA-based treatment had Just arrived in Singapore, best to deliver directly into the deep skin matrix. The result: firmer, crystal clear skin in 4 weeks! It is clinically proven to firm up the skin and reduce pigmentation, dryness and wrinkles.


Another smart skincare from ClearSK, designed by doctors to suit your skin and lifestyle, powered by medical to be fast & fuss-free!


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Find out how DNA Renewal works!


How can matured / damaged skin be youthful again?


The New Natural DNA Renew treatment

This is the latest anti-ageing and skin healing treatment from South Korea using Polydeoxyribonucleotide (PDRN), which has high skin healing and skin rejuvenation properties. It works by improving physiological condition of the deeper skin, and recovering protective layers of skin by thickening density and thickness of dermis within 4 weeks of administration. These are only possible because the new Natural DNA Renew treatment directly reaches the deeper skin layer.

In Korea, it has already been actively used for skin repair and anti-ageing, with many studies shown that it stimulates cell growth for radiant, firmer skin.


Experience the Natural DNA Renew Program

HALF-PACKAGE: $900* for 3 sessions

*For 1st time customers only

DNA-based treatment uses “micro-funneling” methodology to penetrate to deeper skin layer of up to 0.6 mm. A starter program for you – if you have not experienced any DNA renew program before!



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Dr Chen Yiming

 Dr Chen Yiming

MBBS (NUS Yong Yoo Lin School of Medicine)

Graduate Diploma of Family Medicine (GDFM)


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